#19 - DREAM TOUR - (USA)

This is a challenge !! I would like your help. tks.
I intend to make 2017 a great motorbike ride through the eastern USA.  

 I would like to have your cooperation with good suggestions of beautiful routes in your state (what to see, where to eat and sleep, what to avoid, etc...)
All your suggestions are wellcome and will be interconnected later by me and published here, safeguarding your credits. Then I will run these paths and wish I can visit you to offer you a reminder of Portugal and personally thank you for your collaboration.

Basically, the objectiv is made a trip script with the help of those who know, (you; the neighbors of these routes)
I beg you to play along in this challenge, sending texts, links and photos to franctorres@gmail.com
Thank you ...


5th suggestion - Cody, WY to Billings, MT by Beartooth Pass and Chief Joseph Scenic Hwy (or inverse)

see route here: ver mapa aqui
map Cody/Billings, 
first we tale the why 120 north direction Belfry, after we turn left to hwy 296 (chief joseph scenic hwy). nice route with lots of panoramic views. So when we see the 212 (beartooth hwy) link to Beartooth Highway read this pls , we turn rigth and we will cross the Beartooth pass and nice lakes and rivers. stop in Red Lodge to lunch something :-).

hwy 296 - Chief joseph scenic hwy
hwy 296

Hwy 212 old and new bridge

beartooth lake (hwy 212)


1st suggestion Cody to Bozeman by East yellowstone park 
 (thanks to Peter Anderson, MT)

Hwy 14/16, often referred to as the “Buffalo Bill Cody Scenic Byway” through the North Fork of Shoshone River canyon en route to the east entrance of Yellowstone National Park. President Theodore Roosevelt designated this portion of Hwy 14 the most scenic 52 miles in America.
yellowstone lake East entrance
Shoshone National Forest was established by presidential proclamation in 1891 as the nation’s first forest reserve. Ride up to the northern tip of Yellowstone Lake and take Hwy 89 toward Canyon, where you cross over to West Yellowstone, which is your base for the next two nights. 

Out of West Yellowstone pick up Hwy 287 (rather than Hwy 191,
Cody to Bozeman map

which is extremely busy) and head up to Ennis, located in the broad, rolling Madison Valley, flanked on both sides with mountain ranges. Built along the Madison River, the town is convenient to the historic gold-mining towns of Virginia City and Nevada City. Follow Hwy 287 into Twin Bridges and then continue on Hwy 41/55 to Whitehall – a scenic ride around Beaverhead National Forest, part of the huge complex of national forests occupying most of western Montana.
west entrance
At Whitehall take Hwy 2 into Three Forks, an old favorite American Indian hunting ground near the headwaters of the Missouri River. From here it’s a straight ride over to Bozeman, named after John Bozeman who brought the first wagon train of pioneers to settle the Gallatin Valley. Overnight. Enjoy my suggestion and give me feedback! (from http://www.eaglerider.com)

Thanks very much Peter, I put this post 2h ago and I already have now a suggestion !!

2nd suggestion: Ennis, MT to Cascade, ID

click here to see map Ennis to Cascade First go to Virginia city by way 287 Madison river valley till Twin Bridges, turn left (W) to hwy41 till Dillon where we take the Hwy15 (left on 44 exit) in Buffalo lodge to MT324, over the Dam of Clark Canyon Reservoir.
1st and 2nd suggestion map
Turn rigth by Lemhi Pass till ID-28 North in Lemhi County. (Welcome, you are in Idaho State). Take the gravel road on the rigth and go to Byway 28 in "Tendoy store" where you turn rigth again. In Salmon you take the Hwy 91 on left, till Challis where you turn rigth to ID75 till Stanley where you take the ID 21 on your rigth.
in lowman turn rigth
In Lowman you turn rigth to byway 17 till hwy 55, This road is side by side to the Payette River. You are in Boise National Forest
near Banks turn rigth (N)
Near Banks turn rigth to the hwy 55 north, direction McCall.(see photo left). this hwy is beautiful. After some miles you are in Cascade, near the lake, and if you prefer you can go 27 miles ahead, till McCall in Payette lake. that is much more turistic, nice to eat and sleep.
McCall entry
Payette River

3rd Suggestion: Part of Robert Prisig Route from McCall, ID to Crescent city, OR.

Take the Hwy 55 direction W till New Meadows, when we take the Hwy95(S). Pass Tamarack, Council, Cambridge, till Weiser when you enter in State of Oregon and after turn rigth to 201, till found
Hwy84 (direction Huntington and Baker City). Few miles ahead we find the interstadual hwy84. At your rigth you can see the Snake River. In Baker city you go to center and after exit from the 7, when more or less 9 miles ahead you dónt turn left to Unity, but take Sumpter direction (still in 7). (we will not visit Unity, but we will go directly to Prairie City.) We found at least the Hwy 26, and turn Rigth to Prairie C.
If you want you can stop here to take a café in "Austin House". After you pass John Day, Mount Vernon, Dayville and Mitchell, always by the 26 on the John Day River valley. 
4th suggestion: - Missoula, MT to Lewiston, ID, by hwy 12 - Thanks to Don Dodge .
This 217 miles (340 kms) about 4h30m without stops, close to the rivers are beautiful.  see map heresee map here - ver mapa aquiso, Dom tell me this: If you are riding pavement, Highway 12, from Missoula to Lewiston is a beautiful, unspoiled drive or ride. Used to be over a hundred miles without a gas station.

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